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FragSwapper.com Registered Organizations
The menu on the left shows a listing of the regions that currently have organizations that are registered with FragSwapper.com. Please select a region to see all of the organization in that region that are available. If you don't see your region listed and you would like to join the FragSwapper family, have a representative of your organzation send an email to admin@fragswapper.com. Please be sure to have your representative register on FragSwapper.com before sending us email.

FragSwapper.com is currently in beta testing, so registration is currently free, but by invitation only. Once beta testing has completed, registration will cost an annual fee of approximately $40. That fee will include one free meeting registration to be used within one year of the payment. Any additional meetings will cost approximately $30, depending on the number of attendees. More information will be made available once beta testing has completed. All of these prices are subject to change as the official policies of the site are still being developed.

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Direct any questions, comments, or abuse of this site to admin@fragswapper.com.
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