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Welcome to is a web-community of salt water reef aquarists who get together to trade corals, fish and other home reef aquarium related items.

This site is designed to assist local aquarium organizations in the planning of their “Frag Swapping” events by allowing users to register for the event and list items for sale or trade. Other users can then request items to be reserved for them and list their items to trade. Once the day arrives users can print reports to take with them to the event to make sure all of the pre-accepted trades are carried out.

Once your organization has registered itself and its events, the use of the site by its members or the general public is free. To take a look at our pricing and plans click the "Pricing" button at the top of this page.

We also accept advertising from aquarium trade related industries and allow you to display a banner image on our event pages. Click on the "Sponsor" button to see a list of our current sponsors and access our request form for more information.

This site is free to check out, you will just need to register to be involved in any of the activities. Since many areas of this site are managed by the organizations themselves, you will have to read their information carefully to determine what rules the organization has established for participation in their organizations and events. Use the "Organization" button at the top of the page to locate an organization near you.

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